I just signed a three book contract with Poisoned Pen Press, an independent publisher specializing in high quality mysteries.  We’ll start with Matters of Doubt, which will be released next summer, then move on to Dead Float and An Indecent Burial.  (Note: these are all working titles.)  I’m thrilled to be associated with PPP, one of the largest hardcover publishers of mysteries in the world.  They started as an Indy bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona and morphed into a success publishing house.  Their love of the mystery genre and books in general is readily apparent.  I’m honored to be working with them.

It almost didn’t happen.  I had queried them about Matters of Doubt earlier in the year, but heard nothing back.  That’s nothing new for a fledgling writer like me, but I had always heard back from Posioned Pen, even if it was a “friendly” rejection.  So, I dropped their submissions editor a quick e-mail and she answered right back that they had changed their submissions process, and I had fallen through the cracks!  She asked me to resubmit, and I did.  Three months later, I got the good news.

Whew!  That was so close.

I’m anxious to begin the editing process.  My books have had a thorough going over from my wonderful and talented critique group–Alison, Debby, Janice and LeeAnn–to my editor-in-chief, Marge, to my creative consultant, Kate.  But I’m sure I’m in for some major surprises from Posioned Pen and I’m looking forward to making the manuscripts the best they can be.

I’ll try to keep you informed about how this process is going.  Stay tuned…