My short story, The Promise, will run on Saturday, Sept. 8 on the Every Day Fiction site (  This is a great flash fiction site.  They will send you a new story by e-mail every morning of 1,000 words or less.  I love plugging these guys not only because they have been kind to me, but because their love of the craft of writing really shows.  Even if they reject you, their editors give you really useful feedback and encouragement.

I have a belief that kids, particularly kids placed in difficult situations, are capable of doing not only the right thing, but the courageous thing.  The Promise is about a young, disadvantaged girl, Kat, who uses her grandfather’s missing cell phone to solve his murder.  The grandfather had just gotten the phone and promised Kat that she could always call him in a time of need.  The story is loosely based on a true incident that I picked up reading the local paper.  If you like the story, be sure to take the time to rate it.  My last story, To Catch a Wolf, was the highest rated story for the month of May, thanks to you and others.

I hope you enjoy The Promise.