Wow!  I was so gratified by the reaction to my flash fiction piece, To Catch a Wolf, which ran on May 16th on  The story received a number of comments–all of them complimentary–and as of this writing, it is the second most popular short story on the site for the entire YEAR.  Looks like the story has a shot at being selected for the next flash fiction anthology that EDF puts together.  That would be great!

J.C. Towler, one of EDF’s editors had this to say:

May 16th, 2012 at 7:12 am

“To Catch a Wolf” earned the honor of our Flash Fiction Day “Story of the Day” for a number of reasons. It pulls the reader in right off the bat with an effective hook. The tension builds quickly and keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. The main character is complicated: a young man with a troubled past thrust into a difficult moral quandary and the reader becomes emotionally involved in his struggle. By the end we not only have a strong resolution, but a significant development in the main character: where he ran away from problems in his past, he is now ready to face them.