I’ve Been Named NW Up and Coming Writer by Willamette Writers Organization

I’ve been selected as the 2017 Up and Coming Writer by the venerable Willamette Writers Organization. I’m honored and humbled by the award, which was totally unexpected! There are a lot of damn good writers coming up in the region! The text that came with the award is shown below. Hot damn!

“Our Up and Coming Writer Award goes to long-time member and prolific author, Warren C. Easley, author of the entertaining and thrilling Cal Claxton series of mysteries which started with a bang in Matters of Doubt.  Warren won the 2014 Kay Snow Award for fiction and his novels are as smooth as a nice pinot which makes it particularly fitting that his most recent Blood for Wine is set in the vineyards of Oregon. Publisher’s Weekly recommended it as a ‘…tale of cultural conflcirt, politics, and murder with a likable hero at its heart.'”

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