What Is Flash Fiction?

Flash Fiction is generally defined as fiction restricted to one thousand words or less.  Telling an engaging, stand-alone story with so few words is both challenging and fun, but the biggest reward from my viewpoint is the quick turnaround.  Writing a novel is like running a marathon.  A flash fiction piece is a sprint, and afterwards you can savor the satisfaction of having told a good story.  It’s also a great way to take a creative break in the process of writing a longer piece.


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2 Responses to What Is Flash Fiction?

  1. Kay Davidson says:

    Hi Warren.
    We just heard about your second career from Joe. Congratulations. I can’t wait to read your books – my favorite genre- though my usual reading is more by females like P.D James and Sue Grafton.
    Sounds like you’ve returned to your roots; they are a powerful call.
    And sounds as if you are happy. I hope so.

    • warrenea says:

      Kay, what a delight to hear from you! Yes, we love Oregon and the west coast. I hope you enjoy the books. I try to include a lot of northwest color in them.
      Warmest regards to you, Phil, and Matthew

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